12 Worst Habits For Your Mental Health


2.You take pictures of EVERYTHING: Instagram queens, listen up. Haphazardly snapping pictures may hamper how you remember those moments. A study published in Psychological Science showed people had a harder time remembering the items they photographed compared with the ones they looked at.

work-bully 3. You’re letting a bully get the best of you: Bullying doesn’t end when you leave school. Approximately 54 million workers, or 35% of U.S. employees, are targeted by a bully at some point in their careers, according to the Workplace Bullying Institute. More than 70% of people have witnessed a workplace bully, says Erin K. Leonard, PhD, a practicing psychotherapist and author of the book, Emotional Terrorism: Breaking the Chains of a Toxic RelationshipThe Workplace Bullying Institute recommends you first make an appointment with your doctor to discuss your physical and mental health. Then, after you’ve carefully documented as many of your interactions as possible, follow the organization’s action plan.

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