23 Things Everyone Who Has Sex Life Should Definitely Know: You Wont Believe It !!!

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Effective Sex Life:

Studies repeatedly show that married couples of all ages who report higher levels of relationship satisfaction also report having good sex lives. It’s pretty much accepted across the board of relationship therapists that not having sex when you  want to makes people unhappy, causing feelings of frustration, depression, rejection, self-doubt, difficulty concentrating and low self-esteem.

Here are some points to go through that will significantly improve your sex life:

1. Women and men can benefit from doing Kegels : You’ve probably heard about the importance of Kegels more times than you can count. (But just in case, it’s an exercise where women squeeze their pelvic floor muscles — the ones that can pause your pee mid-stream or help your, uh, gripstrength — which tones them for better bladder control and stronger orgasms).

2. Smokers have weaker boners: Lighting up can be a boner killer. Studies show that even occasional smoking in nonsmoking men and women led to reduced genital response. Another interesting study found that male smokers who quit the habit had bigger, firmer erections. Really.

3. Your doctor probably isnt testing you for ALL the STDs: Just because you regularly visit your doctor each year, that doesn’t mean they’re automatically screening you for every STD you might be exposed to. Even if you say, “Test me for everything.” Screening guidelines can vary from practice to practice, so you may not have been tested for herpes, HPV, or syphilis at your last visit unless you presented with symptoms or specifically asked for it.

4. Sex just doesnt feel as good when you’re schwasted: Five rounds of gin and tonics won’t do your genitals any favors, either. Tons of research shows that alcohol can reduce sexual functioning and responsiveness. And anyone who’s experienced whiskey dick can attest to the boner-killing effect it often has in large doses. The fact is, alcohol is a depressant, and you don’t want anything dulling your senses when you’re having sex.

5. Sex is amazing for your health

6. Sex burns about 3 to 4 calories per MINUTE.

7. Orgasms do funny things to your brain: In those brief seconds of awesomeness, there’s a lot going on in your head. “Parts of the brain associated with reward and pleasure light up,” Debby Herbenick, PhD, associate professor at Indiana University and author of The Coregasm Workout(Seal Press, 2015), tells BuzzFeed Life. “And there’s the part associated with fear that tends to shut down.” Recent research also looked at which areas of the brain are involved in which type of stimulation (like clitoral, genital, nipple, etc.). They found that the same areas of the brain light up in response to both nipple and genital stimulation – for both men and women, says Herbenick. So don’t skip the nips.

8. EVERYONE fakes orgasms: If you thought women had complete domain over this sexual trickery, you would be wrong. A recent survey by Time Out New York found that 30 percent of men in the city had faked an orgasm. And apparently, this is a real thing. It’s even the basis for a recent book, Why Men Fake It: The Totally Unexpected Truth About Men and Sex by Abraham Morgentaler, MD.

9. Some people fake orgasms for actually kind of sweet reasons.

10. But a lot of people fake orgasms because of insecurities or to get the sex over with already, TBH: Two other main reasons women faked it were that they felt insecure or abnormal, or they just wanted the sex to be over. Womp.

11. Its totally normal not to have an orgasm every time and we need to accept that as a fact of life: There’s actual research on this: Not everybody comes every single time. “Generally, somewhere around two thirds of women had an orgasm the most recent time they had sex,” says Herbenick, while that number is around 91% for men. So realistically, it’s just not going to be a home run every time you rub your genitals together. Make peace with that.

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12. Switching things up and communicating openly with your partner can up your chances of having an orgasm.

13. Using lube will help you have orgasms.

14. Exercising can get you in the mood.

15. Some people can actually have orgasms from exercise alone.

16. Oral sex can make a penis get BIGGER: A recent study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine aimed to find out the average penis size by asking men to self-report their erections — and how they got those erections. It turns out, the men who received oral before measuring actually reported bigger penises. Of course, these results are only correlational (maybe well-endowed guys were just more likely to ask for an oral favor for the experiment) but it’s certainly good to know.

17. If you have a vagina, and your eventual goal is penetration you should do lots of other sex stuff first to prep for it.

18. On that note, pretty much everyone in heterosexual couples secretly wants foreplay to last longer than it does

19. Lots of people screw up their birth control, even if they’re trying so hard to do it right

20. Most people stop using condoms without talking about STDs and stuff first. 

21. Talking after sex is a great idea and you should try it!

22. Lotsa orgasms a month can lower the risk of prostate cancer

23. And in case you were wondering, this is what it looks like when a heterosexual couple has sex inside an MRI machine: 

Fast forward to 0:43 to see some kissing and banging go on inside the lab. Is it just us or are this woman’s insides getting all sorts of pushed around here?

Image courtesy of buzzfeed.com

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