7 Most Common Workout Mistakes Beginners Make

Common Workout Mistakes Beginners Make

Starting a new workout routine can be intimidating, especially when youre over 50. Changes to our bodies after 50 present challenges that were not a concern in our 30s and 40s. Workout shortcuts we could get away with earlier in life can cause harm to aging bones and muscles.

1. You don’t warm up
2. You walk or do cardio only and avoid weights
3. You forget to stretch
4. You don’t seek a professional evaluation
5. You do too much too soon.
6. You think you’re too old.
7. You start by jogging

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Going out for a run or jog when you’re out of shape is a common mistake when getting your cardio routine on board, Olson says. “Sure, running 5Ks is an admirable goal, but there are so many joint-friendly options, including cycling, elliptical machine exercise, water aerobics or enjoyable dance-style cardio classes such as Zumba to increase your cardiovascular fitness,” she adds.

Cross-training by switching up your cardio works best to keep you from hitting a plateau and can also help you stay motivated.

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