8 Big Excuses That Kill Your Motivation to Exercise

What Kills Your Motivation for Exercise

Its too much work, Its hard, I dont have time, the list goes on and on. But heres the bottom line: The secret to slowing the aging process is to move, says celebrity trainer Sean Foy, author of the new The Burst! On the other side, they list the barriers that keep them from exercising (no time, too expensive) and the effects of not exercising (no energy, depressed, etc.).

1. “I don’t have time.”
2. “I don’t feel like it.”
3. “I can’t.”
4. “I’m tired.”
5. “I’m too old.”
6. “It’s too expensive.”
7. “I don’t like it.”
8. “I can’t get back on track.”

Healthy Meal Plan-2

It’s not uncommon to feel like giving up when setbacks occur and you find yourself not able to do as much as you were doing before. “You don’t have to be perfect to be fit,” Foy says. “Give yourself that grace, that forgiveness” because this is the time when having a buddy helps the most. For check-ins, goal-planning or competitive events, your workout buddy is someone you can use to help hold you accountable, especially when you experience a setback of some sort. No matter if your buddy is a human or a pet, it’s harder to skip out on a friend than it is yourself. A buddy is “your secret sauce,” he says.

If none of this works, Foy says, “Begin with deep breathing and stretching. Work your way up to something else. Over time, pay attention to how your body feels. You should notice that you feel better. Focus on that.”

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