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Daily Health: Career Opportunity (Part time or Full time)
Daily Health offers amazing career opportunity (Lifestyle Consultant; part time or full time) to those who are enthusiastic, self motivated and goal driven towards achieving TOTAL SUCCESS: 4 in 1 (Health, Financial Freedom, Time Freedom & Spirituality).

According to Euromonitor, wellness industry is a trillion dollar business. Wellness and beauty industry has tremendous demand at present and it is keep growing exponentially for past 20 years. Hence, it is the RIGHT CHOICE if you are looking for passive income to achieve your time freedom without having to “go to work” every day. Of course, this passive income will reach sky high with time. 

As a Lifestyle Consultant (wellness consultant), your potential income / month is as follows:*

  • As part time in 1st year: RM 1000 – 5000++ (USD 250 – 1,250)
  • After 1 to 3 years potential income range is: RM 20,000 – 50,000++ (USD 5,000 – 12,500)
  • After 3 years, there is potentially unlimited income opportunity.

*Disclaimer: Income stated here are not identical. Individuals will vary. It is highly dependent on the time and effort you invest in this.

Note: This is not a overnight get rich scam. Since all success requires hard-work, passion and consistency, success in our field is also no difference, however, it is simple to do it.

If you ever wish to achieve financial well being and time freedom, and willing to work hard on your life goals, please watch the following 1st 5 videos of “Design Your Life” 


1. Design Your Life: What is Rat Race
2. Design Your Life: How to Escape from Rat Race
3. Design Your Life : Why Network Marketing Professional 
4. Design Your Life: How to Build Large Network Without Selling
 5. Design Your Life: The Right Company & Product


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Global Nutrition Philosophy
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 Product Catalog
Our Activities in Daily Health: No Selling Products but Providing Lifestyle Consultancy
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