Essential Tips For Permanent Weight Management: The Mind-Body Connection

The Act Of Eating : NormalThe Act of Eating: Modern medicine has quite a lot of knowledge about the “triggers” that set off the impulse to eat. Our body secretes hormones and enzymes connecting the hunger center in our brain with the stomach and digestive tract. When we were a baby, this was the only kind of trigger we responded to. We cried because we were hungry. Now the reverse might be true: When we feel like crying, we get hungry. Remember, protein based complex carbohydrate meal can reduce hunger by keeping you full for long duration. 


Think, aren’t we celebrate all our happy moments / occasions with food? Human mind is tuned to be happy with foods, and, think again what is your favorite food? Most like is an unhealthy one like most of us, too.

Over a lifetime, we create new triggers that a baby could never anticipate. Depression is a well-known trigger for overeating. So are stress, sudden loss, grief, repressed anger—and there are many others. Which ones are you most vulnerable to? You probably have only a vague idea. Most people are unaware when their eating behavior is being triggered, because triggers are often unconscious—that’s what makes them so powerful. You respond automatically without thinking.

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