Essential Tips For Permanent Weight Management: The Mind-Body Connection

Group A: I tend to overeat if

  • I’m busy or distracted at work.
  • I’m rushed and on the go.
  • I’m tired. I haven’t had enough sleep.
  • I’m with other people who are eating.
  • I’m out at a restaurant.
  • I’m in front of the TV or computer and need something to do with my hands.
  • I have a plate of food in front of me, and I feel I must clean my plate.

Group B: I tend to overeat if

  • I’m depressed.
  • I’m lonely.
  • I’m feeling unattractive.
  • I’m feeling anxious or worried.
  • I’m having negative thoughts about my body.
  • I’m under stress.
  • I want to be comforted.

The Mind-Body Connection: Get Control Over Your Eating Habit

People aren’t deliberately self-destructive. We don’t follow good advice because, frankly, overeating makes us feel better than depriving ourselves or engaging in strenuous activity. A bucket of buttered popcorn triggers powerful, primitive brain mechanisms; the prospect of jogging three miles doesn’t. Sharing dessert with your friends at a cozy restaurant feels convivial and comforting; running on a treadmill by yourself at the gym doesn’t.

How to get back your control over your eating habit? Start doing the following actions:

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