Essential Tips For Permanent Weight Management: The Mind-Body Connection

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The Mind-Body Connection: The Ultimate Permanent Solution

Remember, weight loss has to be satisfying in order to succeed. A mind-body approach is the ultimate solution that will work for everyone because it asks you for only one thing: Find your fulfillment. To be fulfilled is something that food alone can’t do. You must nourish:

  • The body with healthy food
  • The heart with joy, compassion, and love
  • The mind with knowledge
  • The spirit with equanimity and self-awareness

So, weight management is beyond dieting and exercising alone. Good food covers only 1/4th of the fulfillment, on other words it is only 25% of the whole process. The rest (75%) of the components for fulfillment are not the food for body, but the food for your soul/mind that everyone is neglecting, leading to failure in weight management. If you focus on all four components of the FULFILLMENT, your success is inevitable; not only in weight loss, but also in everything you want to do in your life.

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