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7-Day No Sugar Challenge' is a part of "Laugh Out Loud - The Internal Fixation" program. 

I am Dr Simon here to help you....

Kindly allow me to introduce myself. I am a medical doctor, and a specialist in Neurophysiology. Since STRESS and Unhealthy Eating Habits are the root cause of many neurological diseases, I've developed my passion in Lifestyle Medicine to help people in managing their Stress as well as to change their eating habits with proper meal plans and guided motivation. I design meal plans based on a person’s BMR (basal metabolic rate) and body fat distribution. At the same time, I also help people to manage their stress in a natural way (informal mindfulness) so that they can have better result in weight management as well as in their life goals.

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7-Day No Sugar Challenge

Every month in 'Daily Health" wellness centre, I organize a 7-Day program to reboot body and mind. I call it "Laugh Out Loud: The Internal Fixation". This program consists of weight management, stress management, 7-Day No Sugar Challenge, personal development, NLP and hypnotherapy. I award (cash prize) top 3 scorers of the program. The fund generated from the program, goes to the orphanages. I believe in "Giving is Receiving".

This is the way I help people to be healthy and the same time contribute to the society by giving back to the community. I would love to help you, too. Let's get connected. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Google +

What Is 7-Day No Sugar Challenge or Lol - The Internal Fixation: It is a social responsibility event that will make you healthy, de-stressed (relaxed) and at the same time will allow you to take part in the charity.

** All money generated from registration fee, after deducting the winners prize, will be donated to the following 2 Orphanages:

1. Rumah Bakti Hulu Kelang (RBHK) Address: KM 11, Jalan Hulu Kelang, 68000 Ampang, Selangor Darul Ehsan 2. Good Samaritan Home (Klang) Address: 2 Lebuh Jelutong, Taman Selatan, 41200 Klang Program Schedule:   27 February - 5 March, 2016 Time: Saturday & Sunday: 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm Other days: 7 pm to 9.00 pm For Details of the Program &  Registration: Click Here
  • 1st Prize: RM 300
  • 2nd Prize: RM 200
  • 3rd Prize: RM 100
** Please Contact Us if you find the registration is closed or over FAQ
  •   Do I need to attend all 7 days to win the prize? Ans: No, although to achieve the best result, it is advisable to attend all days.
  •   Do I need to buy any products? Ans: No.



A recent study form UK showed 38% of stress cases (out of 1,241,000 cases in between 2013-2014) are work related. We at daily health are doing community survey on “stress awareness”. Please fill up the form to support our survey so that we can help people to understand the relation of “stress” with our lifestyle as well as eating habit. We will email you a short & simple Questionnaire (10 questions only) on stress and an invaluable GIFT for your support. Your information will be kept highly confidential.

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