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Hi, Welcome to Daily Health. Thank you for your interest in STRESS management. I am here to help.

Kindly allow me to introduce myself. I am Simon MS, a medical doctor by profession, and am a specialist in Neurophysiology. Since stress is the root cause of many neurological diseases, I've developed a passion for helping people to manage their stress naturally by changing individual's "Health Belief Model" with motivation, exercise, hypnotherapy & proper diet plan.

STRESS is a root cause of several health problems. Chronic Stress slows down the metabolism, it increases the level of cortisol hormone, reduces immunity, promotes abdominal fat deposition, increases chances of diabetes, high blood pressure, and the list goes on. Stress also controls our eating habit. Have you ever realized that whenever you are stressed, you always look for your favorite foods and drinks? Thus, bad eating habit gets into your brain. To the best of my knowledge, there is no medicine to cure stress. However, we can control stress naturally if we can tweak some of our daily thoughts. That's how I come in to help you through this process. 

A recent study form UK showed 38% of stress cases (out of 1,241,000 cases in between 2013-2014) are work related. We at daily health are doing community survey on “stress awareness”. Please fill up the form to support our survey so that we can help people to understand the relation of “stress” with our lifestyle as well as eating habit.We will email you a short & simple Questionnaire (10 questions only) on stress and an invaluable GIFT for your support.  

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