Weight Management: The Right Way

Hi, Welcome to Daily Health. Thank you for your interest in "Weight Management". I am here to help.

Kindly allow me to introduce myself. I am Simon MS, a medical doctor by profession, and am a specialist in Neurophysiology. Since unhealthy eating habits are the root cause of many neurological diseases, I've developed a passion for helping people to change their eating habits with proper meal plans and motivation. I design meal plans based on a person’s BMR (basal metabolic rate) and body fat distribution. At the same time, I also help people to manage their stress naturally so that they can have better result in weight management.

4 Key Factors Responsible For Unsuccessful Weight Management

1. Wrong Lifestyle: "Your life does not get better by chance. It gets better by change -- Jim Rohn". Even if you are on a proper diet plan, it will not work longer if you do not change your lifestyle, which means to add healthy activity in your daily life, such as exercise. Remember: 80% nutritional diet + 20% Exercise is the 100% mindset for a Healthy Weight. I am here to help you to change your lifestyle step by step. 

2. Wrong Diet Plan: Remember skipping meals doesn't work. When you skip meals, your metabolism slows down, and if your metabolism slows down, you are very easy to put on weight. Besides, when you skip meals, you will eat large portion during your next meal, and this extra calories will be converted into fat. Ideal diet plan is a low calorie protein based complex carbohydrate. Contact me for a personalized meal/diet plan that suits with your culture & taste.

3. Failure to Gain Muscle: Losing weight healthily means losing bad body fat, not muscle. Most of the cases people focus on weight loss so much that they forget about the muscle mass. It is very important to grain muscle during weight loss. When you gain muscle, you may not see so much drop in the body weight when weigh yourself, but nothing to worry, gaining muscle will not make you look fat, rather it will make your body more toned and well-shaped. Remember, if you can increase your muscle mass, you will not very easy to put on unhealthy weight. My meal/diet plan always focus on losing bad body fat and gain muscle.

4. Failure to change eating habit: This is the single most important factor in weight management that determine whether you will achieve permanent success or not. Most of the people rely on medicine or some product to lose weight. That is why they put back on weight very fast when they stop that product or medicine. So it is very important to train your eating habit during your weight loss. Here I come in. I will guide you step by step to change your eating habit with self motivation & personal development.

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