Herbalife – Membership and Ordering Products

 How to Sign Up for Membership Online 
 Download the following PDF file for instruction and watch the following video. 
 Instruction: Herbalife Membership Sign up
 How to Order Product Online: Watch the following video
To add credit card: login –> click the man icon at right side of the menu bar –> click Register Credit Cards from the left side column –> it will open a new window –> then click add new card –> then fill up the details –> then click ADD. (it is completely safe to add credit cards. no worries. I have added my 3 credit cards)
Ordering products: Go to your Home page –> then click Order products –>then click online price list –> Then choose shipping or pick up destination from the right side column –> then choose products and and click add to the cart. You have to add to the cart each products individually. 
After adding all products to the cart, then click check out at right side column. Then follow the instruction.
 How to Consume Herbalife Products for FREE?
If you are interested to know how to consume herbalife products for free, please watch the following video “Design Your Life”, and after watching the video, contact your coach/sponsor to know more about it.
 Our Activities in Daily Health: Lifestyle Consultants
 Contact Dr Sumon MSH:
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