Healthy Breakfast: What Should You Take in Breakfast


PROBLEM: Skipping breakfast is strongly correlated with weight gain. “Start your day off right,” right? Still, young people eat nearly half of their daily calories between 4 p.m. and midnight. So, eat breakfast, but what’s best?
MEDICAL RESEARCH:  An experiment out of the University of Missouri involved overweight or obese females, aged 18 to 20, who identified as infrequent breakfast eaters. Each morning for a week, the researchers had the participants eat either 350 calories of cereal (13 grams of protein), 350 calories of eggs and beef (35 grams of protein), or skip breakfast entirely.
RESULT:  Eating any breakfast was associated with increased feelings of fullness, a reduced desire to eat, and lower levels of ghrelin (a hunger-stimulating hormone) throughout the morning. But meaty, eggy breakfast was associated with these benefits over the course of the entire day. Participants who had a lot of protein in the morning also had reductions in their “cravings-related” brain activity, and increased levels of a hormone associated with satiety. They snacked less on fatty foods in the evening, as compared to those who ate cereal or nothing.
CONCLUSION:  This makes a pretty good MEDICAL PROOF that we should take a high-protein breakfast

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