How to Choose Social Media Images: The Neuropsychological Factor

How to Choose Social Media Images: Are you one of Instagram’s over 300 million users? Are you behind any of the 30 billion images that have been pinned on Pinterest? Have you watched some of the over 1 billion Facebook videos viewed on the social network every day?

I’ve yet to come across someone arguing that images don’t work on social media. We all love visuals, and the statistical evidence is there to back it up. Pinterest is second only to Facebook in driving referral traffic to websites. Tweets with photos get 35 percent more retweets on average. The list goes on and on.

Visuals are your key to success on social media. But not everyone who attaches an image to every Google+ post or Tweet is seeing their following grow or their engagement increase. This is because not all images are treated equal on social media. There are a number of factors which influence how well your image will perform, and how it will contribute to the success of your post.

So how do you choose social media images? Here, we’ve offered some advise below by Dr Simon MSH (Clinical Neurophysiologist) who has explained psychological factors for creating a right image for your social media post, specially if it is related to your business. 

Dr Simon MSH says …..

“People read left to right. That is why it is important to place the right content in the right place. In general, images should be placed on the left side and text right side of the image. For Example:


As you can see placing text to the right of the image means that the distance from the image to where the reader can start reading is shorter than if the text had been on the left. I would say that this factor is even more important than the preceding one as most of the people stay on web pages only for 10 to 20 seconds before they leave? Based on the fact that most people can read 250 words a minute, an average person reads 40 to 80 words before they leave a page. The average web user also spends 69% of their time looking at the left side of a web page, which means that your most important elements need to be placed on the left-hand side of a web page. Let me use a more practical example for creating an image for your social media post: For example, you are trying to promote your new drink MyCola. And, you want to promote it in social media. Let’s assume you have created the following image:


Comment: This is a very simple and plain image that really does not excite our thirst center with craving to drink this. Moreover,  MyCola can is on the right side and text is on the left side. Wrong ! Wrong ! Wong ! 

However, what about the following image:PP-2-1024x576

 Comment: This image is also simple but nice background to excite your thirst. MyCola picture is on the left and texts are right beside it. This image has few more following interesting things from neuromarketing point of view:

  1. The picture of the lady on the right pointing finger to MyCola is very important for getting people’s attention and directing their eye movement to the appropriate part of the image
  2. “F” of the “First-ever” word is same font with MyCola that gives similarity and emphasis on the brand
  3. “Heart Friendly” is highlighted with Green  colour which is the perfect use according to colour psychology in this instance. Same goes with “Vitamin Enriched” and other colour of the texts in the whole image
  4. Adding a little information on manufacturing and referring website gives people more trust on this product

In summary, second image for this MyCola is just simple, nice and good to use in social media to get awareness on your product. I have used very simple images in this example so that even an armature can do it without help of a graphic designer, because many small business owners can’t afford to spend a lot of money in marketing and so on.”

Remember: “People Do Not Buy For Logical Reason. People Buy For Emotional Reason” — Zig Ziglar

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