Protein: Are You Eating Enough Proteins


  • Proteins are the source of amino acid. After eating proteins, proteins are converted into amino acids inside our intestine. All proteins are made of amino acids. Amino acids are the building block of the body. For example, bricks are the building blocks of a building. There are many types of amino acids. Some amino acid body can produce by itself, some cannot. Those amino acid body cannot produce are called essential amino acids and to get these amino acids we have to eat proteins. All enzymes, majority of hormones and antibody cells are made of proteins.

Healthy Meal Plan-2

  • One gram of protein gives 4 Kcal (calorie). Protein is the 3rd source of energy. We do not want energy from protein, because to get energy from protein, body will break down muscle. This is very unhealthy. We want body store protein and build up muscles.
 Proteins of the body

There are 2 different types of protein:

  1. Complete proteins: Proteins that contains all essential amino acids we need are called complete proteins
Complete Proteins

Example: Animal proteins (fish, meat, egg, milk). But problem is animal proteins also contains high fat.

  1. Incomplete proteins: Proteins that does not contains all essential amino acids we need are called incomplete proteins
Incomplete Proteins

Example: Plant based proteins (soybean, legumes)

Points to remember:

  1. Eat both lean animal protein (chicken breast without skin, fish) and Plant based protein.
  2. Whey protein is the protein part separated from milk. This is very good for muscle building.
  3. We should eat more plant-based protein and some lean meat and fish in our daily diet. This will help to lose or gain weight healthily.

Role of Proteins in WEIGHT MANAGEMENT: Protein plays significant role in ideal weight management.

Do you have your ideal meal plan?

 Healthy Meal Plan-2

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