Eccentric Exercise: Faster Recovery From Injury

eccentric exercise

Eccentric Exercise in Kuala Lumpur: To stay healthy, we need to eat healthy food, but being active in exercise is also important for an optimum healthy body shape. Most common injuries from workout or sports are strains and sprains.

Injury is the most fear to anyone, that most of us would want to avoid it. Sometimes preventing common sports injuries is beyond our control, but many times sports injuries are preventable.

Do you often hear or experience some injuries from common daily activities? Incident like accidentally slip from the staircase or sprained while you walking or driving.

This form of eccentric exercise, is to prevent injuries such as back strain or pull, knee pain. Also this form of exercise can help people with injuries before or current, to regain independence and mobility, to help you return to daily activities and enjoy a more active, healthy lifestyle.

Program Includes:

• 1 hour Basic Eccentric Exercise (Suitable for the beginners) 

• Complimentary 9 parameter body composition analysis

• Complimentary personalized meal plan

Trainer: Stacey (former national women high jumper, more than 4 years experiences working in rehab)

Fee: RM 25. We will provide a complimentary glass of protein shake after the exercise.


  • Please Bring your EXERCISE MAT


Shawni: +60 12-548 8052

Stacey: +60 12-772 7976


  • We are closed on public holidays. So, exercise session will be cancelled if it falls on public holidays
  • We will organize various events frequently. I will contact by whatsapp or email to everyone who have RSVPed our events to update our activities. Photos and Videos will be taken during the events. By providing your contact number/email, you agree to receive further communication from me or my co-organizers.
  • This event was not created for receiving professional medical service but to meet people from different paths of life and build friendship
  • Your privacy is important to us. We will never spam you, nor disclose your contact to others.
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