HALT COURSE: Happiness, Achievement,Love, Life, Longevity and Time freedom

We frequently organize HALT course to strengthen the knowledge of healthy and productive lifestyle. HALT means Happiness, Achievement, Love, Life, Longevity and Time Freedom. Here is the short description of the course.


  • Basic Human Anatomy & Physiology: This part covers simple & basic information about the organs of human body and their function. This knowledge is very helpful as it will let you know more about your own body. Jim Rhohn Said ” Take care of your body. It is the only place you have to live”. To be remain highly energetic, we definitely need a healthy body. No doubt about it, right!


  • Metabolism: This topic will cover the basics of metabolism of carbohydrate, fat and protein.  Without proper knowledge on metabolism, it is difficult to maintain an ideal body weight


  • Nutrition: Topics on Nutrition will cover the basic knowledge of balanced human nutrition and cellular nutrition.


  • Meal Plans in normal & different diseases: In this section we will teach appropriate meal plans for weight loss, weight gain and in different disease condition. From this section you will learn how to prepare a ”PERSONALIZED MEAL PLAN” for yourself and your customers. You will also learn how to calculate the time frame required to lose or gain weight.


  • Nutrition Products: This topic will cover all the nutrition products our wellness center uses. Here you will learn the scientific use of the products and how to get best results out of it.



  • Personal Development: Our personal growth is the most important factor in determining our success. That is why HALT course also covers inevitable topics of personal development.


  • Goal setting with NLP Method: Life without a goal is like a boat without a sail. However, a goal without an action plan is a dreaming. In this topic we will cover achievable & realistic goal setting


  • Attraction Marketing: To achieve financial freedom and time freedom, it is necessary to own a business. As we highly encourage TOTAL SUCCESS 4 in 1 (Health, Time Freedom, Financial Freedom and Spirituality), our HALT course also covers marketing strategy. Our marketing strategy is an unique blend of traditional marketing and internet marketing. However, it is only open to those who are involved in wellness entrepreneurship. This will cover:
  1. NLP (Neurolinguistic  Programming)  & Hypnotic words in CLOSING sales
  2. Daily Health Marketing Plan 
  3. Use of Internet Tools to maximize marketing




* Disclaimer: HALT course is not open to everybody. Training committee select only a short list of applicants based on the background of the applicants.

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