Laugh Out Loud – The Internal Fixation


Laugh Out Loud – The Internal Fixation: Are you stressed out with your daily activities. Do you feel bored sometimes? Are you far behind achieving the goals of your life? Do you find yourself lost sometimes. Are you struggling with your health and weight management?  If any of these questions answer is “YES”, Laugh Out Loud – The Internal Fixation is for you. 

This program is designed to have few activities in a group setting for consecutive 7 days to have more fun and become more healthy, and at the same time to give back to the community. 

What do we do:

  • We laugh together
  • We do aerobic exercise / dance / zumba
  • We do self motivation
  • We do relaxing hypnotherapy
  • We play games
  • We detox our body with “7-Day No Sugar Meal Plan” & we challenge each other for winning the CASH prize

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Program Schedule: Click here

Registration Fee: Click here

  • 1st Prize: RM 300
  • 2nd Prize: RM 200
  • 3rd Prize: RM 100

How Sugar Kills Us

Carbo Craving:

There’s a reason why so many of us turn to a pint full of Chunky Monkey when we’re feeling lonely, depressed or stressed. Sugar makes us feel good — at least in the short term. Sugar releases valve for Dopamine in our brain, and in turn, convinces us that if we eat a little bit more, we may just feel satisfied (cue bottom of ice cream bowl here).

How to Abolish Carbo Craving:

We can abolish CARBO craving very easily with 7-Day No Sugar Challenge.

“No Sugar” — Nothing to worry about it. Nobody can survive without sugar. This is a program to train people how to Reduce CARBO (white sugar) craving and Lose Weight Successfully. This program is designed according to Megan Telpner’s the famous No Sugar Challenge Program. Meghan Telpner is a Toronto-based nutritionist, best-selling author of UnDiet book series, TV & Media personality and followed by across the Globe.

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** Please call us or fill up the form if you have further quires . Your information will be kept highly confidential.

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