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Stress and anxiety are everywhere. If they’re getting the best of you or you are far away from achieving your goals or you are trying to quit some bad habits but failed several times, you may give Subliminal Mind Reprogramming a try.

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Welcome to “Daily Health”, a Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) based wellness center for weight management and stress management in a natural way. I am Dr Sumon, a medical doctor, and a Specialist in Clinical Neurophysiology and also a Clinical Hypnotherapist. Since STRESS is the root cause of many neurological diseases, I’ve developed my passion in Lifestyle Medicine to help people in managing their stress in a Natural Way.

I use Neuroscience based MindTrance, Subliminal Mind Reprogramming and Brain Wave Entrainment for this purpose. I am helping people for stress management, weight management and quitting bad habits since 2010.  I help people to change their life by transforming their relationship body and mind so that they can achieve their desired goal easily. 

For weight management,  I not only help them figure out what food works for their unique body, but just as important, I help them uncover the mindset they need to follow through on those life changing intentions. I provide the psychological tools and nutritional steps  (if you want to go that route) that help you get unstuck. This means you get a fresh perspective and renewed energy to support you in making changes that actually feel good to make.

My work will uncover your inspiration, without forcing you to eat twigs or do exercise you hate. Using the guiding principle of pleasure and intuition, I will find what thoughts, food and movement truly nourish you. As you align your inner life, you let go of disparaging beliefs and sabotaging behaviors that have kept you stuck for years. This means you get your body and your life back, so you can rock your world.

I will work on 3 aspects: physical, mental and spiritualMy job is to look at your life and help illuminate your life lessons. From there, I support you with the mind-body shifts and practical steps that move you towards how you really want to feel. 

An example of how we might work with this:

On an physical level – We will uncover the foods you eat that “space you out” and make you feel like a victim or a junkie. We will also discover foods that give you options to feel more grounded, empowered and clear.

On a Mental and Emotional level – We will explore thoughts, words and actions you can take to transition smoothly from old habits of betraying yourself to new ones that support you feeling empowered.

On a Spiritual level – We will unveil the subconscious beliefs that keep you from making clear boundaries and connect you with your  wisdom so you don’t need cookies to escape. Additionally, we will look at the potential for spiritual growth that emerges from facing the “problem.”

Great, Dr Sumon how do I get started?

The quickest way to start is to book the “Introductory Session” or fill up the contact form at the end of this page if you have further quires.  

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I have learned more than I expected

I have learned more than I expected. I have learned how to eat healthy, NLP, Hypnotherapy & many things.

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I won 1st Prize in Laugh Out Loud Season 2

I won 1st Prize in Laugh Out Loud Season 2. I gained more confidence on myself from this program.


I Have Lost 5 Kg In 1 Week

I have lost 5 kg in 1 week. I joined "7-day No Sugar Challenge" because I saw add that I could lose weight and earn money. I have learned a lot of things. I won 1st prize for 7-Day No Sugar Challenge.

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