Stress: Overview

It is very obvious that chronic stress and anxiety have significant tolls on us, both personal and economic. To address these notorious problem, we need to know the signs, symptoms and severity of stress, and at the same time helping people to understand and manage stress at the individual level. It is also equally important to identify new pathways to manage stress as so far there is no medical cure for stress.

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Although stress is a very disturbing factor in our daily life, many people do not care much about it and lives in denial, which causes bad impact on their own health. However, many of us are not that careful on our own health in compare with our care for the health of our beloved/family members. It is because, our main focus is always on THREE main things: WORK, FAMILY LIFE, and SOCIAL LIFE. That is why if we tell to focus on health, it does not last longer. To have a healthy body, we need to have a healthy mind. And, our mind is controlled by those 3 things. So, to have a healthy life forever, we need to know how to change our mindset to improve our performance on those 3 matters. Then, health will follow automatically. Sounds interesting? Yes, it is, if you know how to change your thinking and your choice indecision making, you will be able to control your stress effectively. Add exercise on top of it, you will find a whole new world.

Effect of stress on eating habit:


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